RSPCA statement regarding Micro-pigs.

"Owning and caring for a pig requires a great deal of commitment, time, skill, money, sufficient space to house the animal, specialist veterinary care when necessary and compliance with the many laws governing the keeping and transport of pigs."



Our view on Micro Pigs

“It’s the idealistic country lifestyle isn’t it, a few pigs and maybe some chickens. They’re such a joy to have around; as long as you socialise and interact with them, they’re fantastic. You just need the right environment; we always suggest a small house outside and a pen. You need to feed them twice a day and change their bedding once a month. Contrary to the rumours, they’re incredibly clean!”

Micro Pig Breeders - Where we are

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We are located in the Town of Crickhowell in South Wales.

By car Crickhowell is approximately:

Cardiff: 40Mins
Newport: 25Mins
Birmingham: 1hr 15Mins
Bristol: 1hr
London: 2hrs 30mins
Liverpool: 2hrs 30mins
Manchester: 2hrs 30mins
Leeds: 3hrs 15mins