One of the factors I'm sure that is behind the popularity of the Micro-Pig today





Micro Pigs For Sale / Teacup Pigs For Sale


We have a very special litter just born - to register your interest please call us on

07506 054 594

Feel free to contact us through one of the following options so that we can discuss in greater detail our exact availabilities, prices and everything else that goes into homing a Micro Pig.

Piglets sold by Pint Size Pigs come with:-

* A sales contract bounding us to size (for your own peace of mind)
* Already castrated/neutuered - unless purchasing breeding stock
* Innoculated with panomec for the treatment of internal & external parasites, worms etc
* An Information sheet detailing everything you will need to help care for your micro pig
* A start up bag of food
* All the help and advice you will ever need going forward

Images of our new litter for sale

Reserving your piglet

Piglets will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  We will allow you to reserve the piglet/piglets of your choice with a small non-refundable deposit, meaning you don't miss out.  This can also be organised prior to your application for a CPH number.  
We can organise for deposits to be paid using online banking which is a safe and secure method of payment and acts like an electronic receipt for both parties.  Or alternatively; directly in at the branch on the High Street.  Feel free to contact us even prior to applying for your CPH number to discuss our current availabilities and organise reserving something.

Delivery Service

Our delivery service is offered throughout the UK - so should you need your piglet delivered, then please feel free to make your interest known.

To avoid eventual disappointment - use a reputable breeder who can authenticate their stock and further to this understands some of the genetics behind the breeding that goes into these Micro's as the potential is there to have throw backs to bigger pigs; if not done correctly.