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Micro Pig Pet Requirements


County Parish Holding (CPH) Number

Pigs are considered as livestock; so you will need to register for a County Parish Holding Number (CPH) to keep a pig.



If you are residing in England these can be obtained from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).  There is currently no charge for this and it can be organised with a quick five minute telephone call.  The telephone number is 0845 603 7777.  This normally takes 1-2 weeks to process, however can be processed quicker if you request it over the phone.


Wales & Scotland

If residing in WalesScotland you will have to contact your respective Agricultural Department. The process is slightly different in that you have the forms sent out to you and fill them in yourself.  You might have to submit an outline of the property, this can be done easily enough using google maps, printing it off and circling it.  Allow for extra time as they seem to take a little bit longer in processing (2-3weeks) so bare this in mind when organising your application.

Welsh Agricultural Department - 01597 823777

Scottish Agriultural Department - 01315 568400


Should you then be genuinely interested in having a micro pig and feel it's the right pet for you; then feel free to make your interest known on 07506 054 594 or via the contact us page.